October 21, 2010

the beauty of autumn

Okay, it had to happen sometime soon... The inevitable post about fall trees. I just cannot resist trying to capture the beauty of the colors! I love color, it's usually the first thing I notice about something. The amazing, ever-changing range of warm, vibrant colors is such a treat each autumn. One afternoon earlier this week, my older son and I went on a walk around our neighborhood to find a good variety of trees turning. One of my favorites is leaves that range from spring green to deep burgundy all on one tree. I also like the oranges and yellows that are like fire against the blue sky. However, there is one I'll have to save for later, there's a particular tree that just glows when it changes color but it hasn't turned yet.

I am also finishing up more Fall Leaves jewelry, shown are two pendants that will be necklaces in my Etsy shop very soon. Oh, and some of the small silver leaves and tourmaline beads I shared earlier are now earrings!

Another thing I've come to adore about fall is the annual pumpkin patch field trip. Two, actually. My younger son's was Monday, and we couldn't have asked for better weather!  My older son's is tomorrow. While it makes this week short for work time, I cherish the chance to share these experiences with my kids, and am so thankful I work for a boss who lets me. Ah, the benefits of being self-employed!

I hope that wherever you are, you are also enjoying the beauty of the season!

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