September 24, 2010

silver leaves & sparkling stones

Soon to become earrings... little silver leaves and gemstone beads. I haven't worked with some of these stones before, and I'm excited just seeing them sparkle on my work table. (And I spent way too long last night reading up on them!)

Front to back: "Petrol" Tourmaline (light to dark olive greens, ambers, and browns), Grossularite Garnet (close in color to Peridot), Andalusite (a neat smoky pink-brown color, with a few color-change beads that can appear mossy green), and Zircon. This Zircon is the natural stuff, not man-made Cubic Zirconia. I'll be taking out the burnt orange zircon beads for my fall leaves jewelry, and the blue ones (which I am totally in love with) will likely be saved for ocean-theme pieces (and will complete a special project for myself), maybe a few will show up with snowflakes this winter.

Well, I'm headed out to enjoy the beautiful sunny fall afternoon (even though that means weeding in the yard)! Have a great weekend!

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