September 21, 2010

fall is here

Fall, or autumn depending on which you prefer, is definitely here! I have come to love fall over the years, with its moderate temperatures and colorful trees. Nothing draws me outside to wander the neighborhood with my camera like the turning leaves. Summer left as suddenly as it came this year, and the Pacific Northwest has been mostly cloudy and dreary (and unusually muggy) ever since, which really isn't what I have in mind when I say "I love Fall". So I was thrilled that today turned out to be a bright, crisp fall day. That's more like it!

Leaf shapes, especially maples and similar leaves, are one of my favorite nature motifs (along with snowflakes, followed closely by seashells and tropical foliage). I am working on several different styles of fall leaf jewelry for this season. I actually had the designs ready to use last year, I'm excited to finally create with them this year. I took advantage of the weather today and took some photos of newly finished jewelry, one of which is shown here (it will be listed in my Etsy shop). Watch for more to come, some simple, and some more complex, and some paired with gorgeous gemstone beads in fall colors!

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