January 8, 2009

digital scrapbooking

Today I just have to share a favorite discovery: digital scrapbooking! If you like the idea of scrapbooking but aren't thrilled with scissors, paper, adhesives, expensive tools, whatever... Or you don't like the mess and the space it takes to store the stuff... Or are hampered by the fear that once you use up your very favorite paper, it's likely to be discontinued and never to be found again... Or you want to be able to change things around if you change your mind... Then digital scrapbooking may be for you!

In an internet search for something else a little over a year ago, I happened to find a site called Scrap Girls. I was quite taken with the looks of their products, and pretty soon I was dipping my toes in the digital waters! Photo-editing software like Adobe Photoshop is usually used to create digital layouts, which was fine because I was using Photoshop Elements to edit my photos already. I just can't believe how much I adore scrapping this way! I can do things I never could have off the computer, I can use my favorite supplies over and over, and I love the UNDO button. And I can start and stop without dragging stuff out, putting it away, or leaving out a mess! Scrap Girls is still my favorite place to shop, and I also really like Designer Digitals. Below are a few favorite layouts I've done.

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