March 18, 2014

goodbye winter, welcome spring

early spring blossoms
Here in Prescott, Arizona we seem to have had an unusually mild and short winter. Which really was disappointing, though I wouldn't trade it for what much of the country has suffered (my sympathies to you all!). When it snowed in early December, we spent a mind-numbing amount of time in the CAL Ranch store for the boys to pick out good snow boots. No cold uninsulated rain boots for them this winter, they were going to play in the multiple snows we expected in comfort! And then... They never came. All I can say is, I hope we bought the boots big enough that they will fit next winter.

Since my last post, I have been busy with stuff like taking care of sick kiddos (for a total of two weeks between them, ugh), then guiding them through multiple large school projects, attending their science fair and then heritage day, and trying to wind down over Spring Break. Never have we needed Spring Break so badly as we did this year!

dramatic sky just before our only real spring rain so far

same time as photo above, looking another direction

on Aspen Creek Trail, love the tall trees up there!

February 18, 2014

now open: minimalist gemstone jewelry shop

Kingman Turquoise Earrings
My new Etsy shop is now open! I have a bunch more items partly finished, awaiting more chain and other supplies. I would like to build up a good inventory in this shop, but don't let that stop you from checking it out now! There is a variety of stones featured already. Included are some pieces made from Kingman Arizona Turquoise, along with Ocean Jasper, Kyanite, and rare Larimar.

My new shop is called Granite Mountain Gems. When I opened another Etsy shop, I wanted it to have a name that related to where we live now. Granite Mountain is a prominent mountain near Prescott, like a rugged yet majestic sentinel standing watch over the area. We can see it from our neighborhood (from our neighbor's driveway, in fact, just not from our own house). I think the name relates well to the stone-centric nature of this line of jewelry.

As you browse, please note that chain necklaces and chain dangle earrings can be shortened if you wish, the descriptions have more information. Necklaces are made to hang about nine inches (on each side) from the clasp in back, around to the front where the stone (or multiple-stone bar) are attached. The set length of chain and differing lengths of wire that the stone(s) are on lead to the varying total lengths of the necklaces listed. They can be shortened to hang closer to, or at, your collarbone. Swingy chain dangle earrings can also be shortened, I have chosen a second length (listed in the description) that would shorten them significantly but still be a pleasing design. Necklace length choices are given as size options when buying. If you wish chain dangle earrings to be shortened, just let me know in "note to seller" when buying and they will be shortened to the alternate length given in the description (I thought it would be weird to offer different earring lengths as size options, but maybe not?).

Here's a screen shot of my shop from last week as I was setting it up:

February 14, 2014

treasury on etsy: thank you for the promises

My latest treasury on Etsy. The inspiration piece was the Guitar Song image, which made me think of Gordon Lightfoot's music (I was a fan growing up, and still like his songs that I liked then). Check out this collection of great items from Etsy sellers!

Thank You For The Promises:

February 3, 2014

sneak preview of new minimalist gemstone jewelry

Kingman Arizona Turquoise chain dangle simple minimalist earrings by Jennifer Kistler
Kingman Turquoise dangle earrings
Exciting news! In addition to jewelry featuring my designs handmade in silver, I am developing a line of minimalist jewelry that showcases beautiful gemstones, from the earthy to the elegant. Items include earrings and necklaces, and price range will be about $30-45.

The main focus is Kingman Arizona Turquoise (which I have purchased in-person directly from the cutter/processor in Kingman) in all its gorgeous variations, but I adore so many stones, I couldn't stop there! So far, all pieces are created with Sterling Silver, but I may expand into Gold-Fill (higher quality than Gold Plate, but still affordable).

I am working on a brand new Etsy shop for this collection, and I have lots of photographs to take before I can open it, but stay tuned... I will post the new shop here and on Facebook as soon as it is open!

new minimalist gemstone jewelry by Jennifer Kistler earrings and necklaces in sterling silver
sneak peek at some of my new minimalist gemstone jewelry

minimalist jewerly gemstones shown in photo: Arizona Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli, Ocean Jasper, Fancy Jasper, Aquamarine, Larimar
stones shown: Kingman Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli, Ocean Jasper, Larimar, more

January 31, 2014

heart jewelry 2014

woodgrain heart on natural leather
It's that time of year... Hearts! I have a selection of heart necklaces and earrings in my Etsy shop, in several different styles, for you to browse. This post features a couple of newer necklaces that have been added. Both are my hand-textured woodgrain style, one is even more unique in that it has been hammered on top of the woodgrain texture so it sparkles in the light, and oxidized to bring out the texture. These two hang sideways from leather cords (available in a selection of neutral colors). Click images to see the listing details.

If you are looking for an elegant, simple crystal adornment to wear on that special Valentine's Date, take a look at the Romance section of my shop.

oxidized woodgrain/hammered texture heart pendant necklace

woodgrain/hammered texture heart pendant necklace in different light

woodgrain bright silver heart pendant necklace

a necklace from the Romance collection (other colors available)

heart earrings with Swarovski crystal dangles (other colors available)