November 21, 2016

shipping changes & new blog home!

Kingman Turquoise earrings
If you are considering some jewelry for your holiday shopping (or want to treat yourself!), please visit my Etsy shops: gemstone jewelry, and my original nature designs in silver. Now through January 15 2017, I am offering free domestic shipping in the United States (insured Priority Mail as usual) on orders of $100 or more. Enter this code when checking out: 100FREESHIP If you wish to combine items from both my jewelry shops to meet the free shipping minimum, I need you to please contact me through Etsy before purchasing, and I can arrange for that!

Also, I have added shipping to Canada in both Etsy jewelry shops. It is insured First Class and seems to arrive in a very reasonable amount of time. If your purchase totals $100 or more, I will refund a comparable portion of your shipping charge as would've been taken off for free domestic shipping during this offer (through 1/15/17). Again, if you wish to combine items from both shops to qualify for reduced shipping, you need to contact me through Etsy before purchasing.

This blog has been quiet while I was working on a new web site this year, and I have now started blogging over at my web site. That is where all future updates will be shared, so please visit and bookmark it now:

Shown above is one of several new pairs of petite Kingman Turquoise earrings recently added to the shop. I also have a new necklace style in the shop, shown below, you can read more about them at my new blog.

new style necklace with Andalusite stone beads

Have a wonderful holiday season, thank you for your interest in my work, and if you have any questions, be sure to let me know! See you at the new web site and blog!

December 11, 2015

solutions for last minute christmas shopping

Lapis Lazuli earrings
Need to do some last minute Christmas shopping? I've been busy adding lots of new items to my minimalist gemstone jewelry shop on Etsy, and at the time of writing this, there's still time to get it shipped for Christmas (USA only, via Priority Mail). All listings are ready to ship! Here are a few of the pieces I've added recently. Check my shop for more, I've added quite a bit of Kingman Turquoise, plus jewelry featuring a variety of other stones including Jade, Peridot, Pietersite, Larimar, Mozambique Pyrope Garnet, assorted Jaspers, Quartz, Lava Stone, and more. Remember all jewelry is at least Sterling Silver, many pieces have Argentium Silver components as well (see individual descriptions). I will continue to add new pieces through December, and I have a new style design or two coming out in January, so be sure to check back to treat yourself after the holidays! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

new handmade earrings in the shop

new handmade necklaces in the shop

October 7, 2015

the storms of life

Just wanted to quickly share this photo (taken during monsoon season from my driveway, edited in PicTapGo and PSE for fun), and some thoughts on the storms of life, which we all experience in one form or another:

Life may have it's storms, but the sun will always shine again! And those storms? They are beautiful times in their own way, when faith is tested, courage is practiced, strength is built, and the seeds of gratitude and joy are sown.

September 14, 2015

new jewelry shop name

You may notice I have changed one of my Etsy shop names from JKistlerStudios to GraniteMountainGems2. I have decided to sell both lines of jewelry (my minimalist gemstone jewelry and my original nature designs in silver) under the name Granite Mountain Gems from now on. I was looking for a change and I have felt very at home with that name for my minimalist jewelry shop, so I took the leap. Etsy says that old links will continue to work, so don't hesitate to click on those bookmarked or pinned pieces. Or you can go straight to that shop under it's new name. Admittedly I haven't added many new pieces to that shop recently, but I will be getting back to working on the silver jewelry. Several popular designs I want to restock, and of course there are always new ideas to try!

Speaking of Granite Mountain, here are my favorite photos I have managed to get of it this year (taken with my iPhone 5c). I especially love the sunbeams shining from behind the cloud over the mountain, talk about being in the right place at the right time as I drove through the neighborhood! (yes, I stopped safely to take the picture!) That one felt like a special gift.

Granite Mountain at sunset, seen from Willow Lake July 22

Granite Mountain at sunset, seen from Watson Lake July 14

Granite Mountain in evening, seen from my neighborhood August 15

July 29, 2015

arizona turquoise is in the shop!

Kingman Turquoise earrings
Earlier this year, I made a trip back to Kingman to buy more Turquoise beads. I have been busy making many pieces with it, and I am excited to share them with you! I'm partway through photographing and listing the completed pieces in my Etsy shop. Thanks to a good reception to the early small batch of Turquoise jewelry, my shop was almost out of it. A lot more Kingman Turquoise jewelry is still coming, including some in smaller smooth chips that have lots of blue color, more of the unique New Boulder variety, and pieces made with some large chips in the intensely-hued High Blue variety (which will be very different). This Turquoise is stabilized as most Turquoise is, but the colors are always natural, never dyed. I love that I can go select and buy these beads in person, directly from the company that mines and processes it from the Kingman deposit at Mineral Park Mine. Kingman Turquoise is known to be some of the best and most beautiful in North America. I can see why; once I discovered it, I became very enthusiastic about creating jewelry with Turquoise. Now I sort of feel like a real southwesterner, making jewelry with local Arizona Turquoise!

I have also been making and listing a few more pieces with the rare and beautiful Larimar, and a few other assorted stones. I seem to have a blue theme going in my shop.

Here are some examples of what I have recently listed. Be sure to see my whole shop for everything that is currently available, and check back for more over the next few weeks!

Kingman Turquoise earrings (New Boulder, as is top photo)
Kingman Turquoise earrings (New Boulder)
Kingman Turquoise necklace
Kingman Turquoise necklace (High Blue)
Kingman Turquoise necklace (New Boulder)